Three Dimensional Art

Each of these sculpture designs were built with a myriad of special materials, specific to the project's need. 

Clients can review a large selection of carving and casting materials that are suitable for their sculpture project before proceeding to the Design Concept phase. To maintain the quality and keep on schedule 

the studio obtains materials from established, reliable resources. 

Some Primary Materials suitable for inside or outside Sculpture installations are:

Limestone - Marble - Granite - Bronze - Stainless Steel - Forton© - Resin

I also offer 3D Model Printing services and CNC (Robotic Stone Carving) Production.

Collaborative Sculpture Projects

Large Scale Projects demand the services of several sculptors, 

combining their knowledge and experience to engineer and install a creative Sculpture Concept


One artist I have partnered with is sculptor and architect, Raymond Kaskey. Together we have had the opportunity to create the following sculpture projects:

National Mall, Washington DC

Granite and Bronze


Knoxville Treaty Signing Memorial, Knoxville TN



Schermerhorn Symphony Center, Symphony Hall Pediment, Nashville TN

12 feet high x 52 feet long ~ Limestone with twice life-size figures 

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