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An Era of Creativity and Exploration

Having an art studio in operation for over a generation, 

I undertake all projects with a fresh eye while 

producing consistent, quality artwork.

Being trained by one of the first European "Old Masters" Fine Arts Colleges established in America, the faculty of accomplished artists impressed upon me those methods and techniques of

painting, sculpting and drafting,

found in the traditional Atelier-style of instruction. 


Due to this exceptional training, every project I undertake involves material research, project planning, subject research

and the use of quality hand made artists' materials 

acquired from the best vendors from around the world.

In turn, these quality materials are utilized in the studio where I produce

oil painting pigments, canvases, painting medium, carving tools, pastels, watercolour pigments, sculpting tools, drawing tools, sculpture molds,  sculpture armature, castings, model builds and bonding materials.

With this knowledge and experience, I have built large-scale sculpture memorials, painted landscapes, still-lifes, murals, portraits of businessmen, public figures, young children, 

sculpted and cast bronze busts of notable men and women of history, constructed life-size sculptures for churches, public spaces

and businesses and carved

limestone, granite, marble stone sculptures.


Gandhi Plaque Award Presentation

with the Ambassador of Pakistan

Gandhi Center, Washington, DC

nga with Em and class 03-20 copy.jpg

Sharing my experiences with the young (and the not so young) 

inspiring artist has been a core endeavour of my studio practice.

The greatest reward for me is to have my students adopt the techniques and knowledge that can inspire deeper exploration of their creative skills, helping them to produce artwork 

that goes beyond their expectations.

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